The London Facial Acupuncture Clinic, London

A cosmetic acupuncture face lift is an anti-ageing beauty therapy that combats signs of ageing and improves skin tone.

It is an excellent natural alternative to botox, and chemical peels & surgery.


The Acupuncture Face Lift Consultation

At The London Facial Acupuncture Clinic, your cosmetic acupuncturist will run through your beauty concerns, medical history, skin care regime and lifestyle factors.

At The London Facial Acupuncture Clinic, the course of the facial acupuncture treatment is between 10-15 weekly sessions.

Energy and blood flow throughout the facial skin and muscles are stimulated by the application of our finest, sterilised, disposable needles to key areas of the face, head, neck and ears.

Supportive needles are used elsewhere on the body to balance your constitution.

Terms & Conditions